Monday, January 7, 2013

Weight Loss When You Are 40 Plus

When we are young we won’t mind exercising, swimming and jogging. But when we turn to 40 plus, our stamina drips down and we start neglecting our exercising routine and gradually put on weight. 

Then when we realize that we need to shed down that extra flab, orlistat weight loss pills, drugs, shakes, juices, or fad diets comes in handy as a short cut to weight loss. But the side effects that come along with them are enormous. 

So it is better to look for some simple life style changes, strict balanced diet and exercise regimen.

As determination and consistency is important for long term weight loss, plan your diet changes as simple as to follow. The responsibilities of these people are more their diet plan should not be so complicated or time taking. If so, they cannot follow that after 3 or 4 days. 

Plan your everyday schedule in such a way that you find time to exercise 1 hour at least. The diet plan can be modified simply in an exciting way so that you won’t feel boredom too.

First remove all processed food packets from your kitchen/ fridge shelves. These processed food contain unwanted calories along with side effects. You can replace these processed foods with fruits and vegetables in any form. Vegetables and fruits are not only loaded with vitamins, minerals and fiber, they also suppress your appetite.

Avoid junk food, oily food, and fatty, high calorie food completely. Ask a dietitian for a chart of food you can choose from. Keep a track of what all you eat everyday. Check your weight once a week. Even 2 lbs reduction is sufficient for long term weight loss. Try to follow the diet and exercise just for 6 weeks. 

By the end of 6 th week, you will get used to these diets and the result you are seeing from this will motivate you for another 6 week diet. Never compromise on exercise. Physical work out is equally needed for weight loss.

By this determined and self disciplined plan, you can reach your goal in course of time.

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